The Key to Lasting Confidence

The key to lasting confidence

In today's video we are going to talk about the foundation for confidence. 

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So here is the thing, you may be passionate, you may have all the strategy and all the plans, and you may be getting really bogged down in the how-tos of what you need to do to go after this thing that's been put in your gut, this fire that has lit up in your soul.

But the reality is if you don't have the confidence to walk after it, you're just gonna stay stuck and stay in the same place. A lack Confidence is what holds so many women back from achieving their dream of living their purpose, of going after what God has called them to with passion.

So what I want to do is just lay a solid foundation for what confidence truly is and give you some things to remember. Some just really quick mantras and affirmations for you to remember and tap into as you go throughout this week.

Number One:

The foundation has to be rooted in an internal knowing of who you are. At the end of the day most everything in your life is going to come down to your identity. So who do you believe that you are?

For me my identity comes from the fact that I am a child of god, period.

So what that means is, “I’m not defined by whether or not I'm married or whether or not I have children, my profession doesn't define me, how good of a friend or family member I am doesn’t define me, and whether or not I’m a good person doesn't define me.”

The only thing that defines me is who God says I am.

I don’t have time to go into all of the things that he calls us to, but the reality is that when you have a relationship with Jesus then you immediately get an inheritance and you get to walk in the destiny that God has for you.

God says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

God says that I’m enough.

God says that he delights over me, and that he sings over me.

God says that his love for me is unfailing.

God says that I’m a royal priesta, he actually calls me royalty.

Just that right there. I think so many times we have all of this head knowledge, and its gets confused with a bunch of religious banter, religious talk, rules, legalism, and a bunch of nonsense.

The reality is that we don't need more head knowledge, instead we need a heart realization and we need an experience with the God who made us. We need to begin to believe in our hearts that what he says about us is true and that we live FROM that place of love, NOT for love.

Number Two:

If you are finding yourself in situations where you are burned out, where you're comparing yourself to everyone, you're jealous and you're bitter, I want you to check if you are hustling for your worth.

So what that means is, your motivation and what you're doing, and how you are living your life. If everything is for love, for approval, and for acceptance instead of “I’m already approved, I’m already loved, and I’m already accepted.”

So when we can switch our mindset from for love and from love, and live instead in a place of confidence you are going to begin to see things open up and your life is going to be changed.

I think it always comes down to, “What am I believing to be true about God, and what am I  believing to be true about myself?”

My Challenge For You: 

The foundation for confidence for me is, “I am who God says I am and that is enough.” If you don't know what he says about you, I want to challenge you to ask him. I want challenge you to go figure it out.

I want challenge you to go look and see what he actually says about you, and what that means in order for us to live our lives passionately.

Because if I know I'm a child of God, if I know I can do all things in him, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that I am called for a time such as this, and that I am royalty, and I am going to carry myself differently.

Many times confidence is how you carry yourself.

My challenge to you today is to carry yourself well, knowing that you are enough because you're God’s kid, and you are who God says you are and that is enough.


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