How to Move from Fear to Faith!

Moving from fear to faith...

I am telling it straight y'all! In this video I am sharing a simple shift that can help relieve your anxiety, stop worry, and give you the resolve to take action towards your calling!

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I want to teach you something very simple but very profound.

I believe that this one simple little shift in the way you think and the way you speak, will help you bridge the gap in your life from fear to faith.

I am so excited to teach you this today because it was truly a lightbulb moment that I've had.

I know that many of you may already know what you're passionate about. You know what makes you come alive, and you may already know why you were put on this planet.  Or you might be on the other side of that, thinking you do but you're not quite sure because you’ve got some fear in the way or you're like, “Hey I'm here and I know that God is calling me to this place and this is what I envision, but there are so many "what ifs" holding me back.”

Ok so let's say you know what you're passionate about. You know what you're called to be but you feel like some things are holding you back. You know you want to be at this place but the "what ifs", which by the way provoke fear, are just coming at you all the time.

Do you find yourself in situations where you're going, “Oh my gosh, what if so and so says this about me and what if this happens, and what if everyone makes fun of me, and what if everyone rejects what I’m doing?”, and all of the "what ifs" spiral out of control.

The "what ifs" can really get us down this rabbit hole of anxiety and unrest, where our mind is just running rampant and our thoughts are getting away from us.

It's really that "what if" statement before everything that just provokes the fear gremlins, and the fear mongering. We have got to get to a place where:

1. We trust in God.

2. We get our identity completely from him, and nothing else.

When you live in that place of rest that says, “I know who God is and I know what he says about me, and I know that I am who God says I am and that is enough, and he is enough.” When we can get to the place where whatever is going on in our lives we can say, “God says that I know that I’m enough and he is enough because, in him, we can we do everything.” Without that relationship, we can do nothing.

What I want to teach you is simple, but it's very profound.  What I want you to do is to replace the “what ifs” in your life with “even if.”

“Even if” provokes faith.

What is the “what if” in your life that is holding you back?

Switch it to even if.

You have got to rephrase it. That is how you develop resolve in your life. If you want to move from fear, whatever the fear is to identify it, you've got to look at how you are asking yourself, and ask yourself where you are taking the “what if.”

Even if [fill in the blank], I’m still going to [fill in the blank].

Even if I fail, God is enough.

Our two biggest fears as women are that we are not enough, and that we are unloved. Everything really comes down to that.

If we will walk daily in reality and the truth that we are enough and that we are loved unfailingly by God, and not by anything that we are feeling, thinking, or by the circumstances that are telling us...

Then we can live boldly and confidently.

That's the difference between knowing about God in your mind and knowing God intimately in your heart. For many of us, the shift is going to happen when you begin to align what you think you know, with what you actually know in your heart, and bring those two together so we move from fear to faith.

I believe this is a very simple and profound thing you can do in the middle of your anxiety and in the middle of your stuff, to pause. This can literally take 1 minute.

I’m all about things that are simple, accessible, and sustainable. I just want you to shift it, switch the "what if" to the "even if", and "even if" the worst thing happened where would you be?

"I’m enough in Christ."

You will be amazed at how you do switching the way you think and your internal self-talk, and what you find and say out loud is going to help you take action. For so many of us the “what ifs” are keeping us stuck, they are keeping us insulated in fear and we are not taking any action in the direction of our dreams.

I believe that's where the enemy wants so many of us. He wants us stuck, he wants us sedated, he wants us wasting time in the “what ifs.”

All worry is a colossal waste of time. When you exchange "what if" for "even if", action will follow.

It’s that warrior spirit that will rise up in you when you start to say things from a place of empowerment.

"Even if no one understands what I am doing, I'm still going to take action."

It is one of the most powerful affirmations and self-talk declarations that you could do, and if you will not only say it and think it, by saying and believing it in your heart you're going to develop perseverance and resolve.

Here's the thing, if you want to move in the direction of your calling, if you want to live a life that is full of passion, if you want to live a life that is wildly free and different than the norm and full of joy and peace, you've got to develop resolve in your life. You've got to develop a way of living that says, “You know what I’m a powerful person and I’m a confident woman.”

Powerful confident women don't waste time in worry. 

This isn't about being perfect, this is about calling you to a higher place.

Here's the deal, if you want to go after your calling, if you want to live, if you want to know what your passion is,  and what your purpose is, and want to walk in that, then you’ve got to begin to move in the direction of the “even if” and you’ve got to develop resolve.

What I want you to do as homework is, I want you to take the “what if” that’s in your life right now, the biggest “what ifs,” and I want you to exchange it for “even if.”

Reframe your life this way. We move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts!

I want you to begin walking in the direction of your vision, your calling, your God-given dreams that have been placed in your heart, the things that you know you're called to more, but you're in that in between and you just don't know how to get to that place.  

It's going to come when you take authority over any fearful thoughts and fearful behaviors, and stop sitting in a place of worry and anxiety going down the rabbit hole of the “what if.”

And you do that with just some simple reframing and some simple shifts.

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