On The Struggle Bus? Here's how to get off it...

On the struggle bus lately?  We all have seasons where we feel like we just can’t get off the damn thing. We feel stuck, unmotivated and like we can’t pull ourselves out of this weird funk. 

We don’t wake up with a plan or a purpose and everything seems like work and hassle. Can you relate? 

If so, lean in here. I wan’t to give you some encouragement…IT’S TIME TO GET OFF THE STRUGGLE BUS. Right NOW. I’ve got three tips to help you pull the brakes and and get back out there pursing your passion and living on purpose. 

Here you go :) Here's how to get off the struggle bus. 

1. What we focus on grows. So stop focusing on how exhausted you are. Some of us have made exhaustion an identity and many time the exhaustion has nothing to do with the amount of sleep we are getting or physical activity we are engaged in but rather, what we’re giving emotional and mental energy to.

Guess what you have complete power over? What you choose, agree with, and think. So take assessment of what you are allowing to suck the life out of you and stop the vampires now!

2. Grace not perfection. Stop beating yourself up for struggling and not being perfect. Guilt and condemnation are not from God. Start viewing your struggle bus times as a season and a part of life. NOT an identity or something that’s permanent.

If you struggle then that means you’re a real human being taking risks and living life. So get back out there. Also remember that something is better than nothing. Start taking small steps in the direction you want to go in and do what you can with what you have. 

3. Worship like a banshee. Here’s what I know to be true. 5 minutes in the presence of God can do what 5 hours in counseling couldn’t. I’m all for counseling by the way but NOTHING replaces and will change your life like worship. Saturate your home, car, space, etc with worship music. Begin to praise, sing, dance, create like you never have before. REFUSE to leave until you have breakthrough. I’m not talking about performing or hustling here. I’m talking about asking, seeking and knocking repeatedly just like God tells us to.

Love will find us when we seek with all our heart. Also, worship is not relegated to music alone. It’s anything you do where your heart is connected and turned towards God. Get creative. Do something different. Get out of your comfort zone. 

*Side note: worshiping when you don’t feel like it isn’t fake it’s FAITH. Odds are your emotions have been hijacked by a number of things and we need to get in the presence of God and put them at this feet. If everything in. life is determined solely by what you feel like doing then on the struggle bus you will remain. 

Ok friend, it’s time to put these into practice and start living again like the amazing woman you are. Let me know how it goes this week :) I'm cheering you on. 

Passion Is Everything,