You Were Born To Battle!

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Today I’m dreaming and planning for 2014 and thought of you. Actually I’m thinking about your four walls. I’m wondering if you realize how absolutely amazing you are and how God created you for a specific purpose and plan. I’m wondering what the world would look like if the women in it started to truly realize who they were and what they were called to do. Not who the world tells them they should be or do but who God says they are. It’s mind blowing to even process.

Here’s what I know to be true: A woman that possesses spirit driven confidence is dang near unstoppable. When a woman transforms and blossoms her four walls start change. When four walls start to change a ripple effect happens that will change the world. Yes sweet friend, your transformation can change the world. That is the power of a woman called.

But there’s this other part you need to know about it. There’s a battle involved. And you’re fighting it, whether you realize it or not. In fact, you were born for it. Not only that, you were born to win it. Take a look in Genesis for a minute where the original battle with women started. Your enemy is constantly trying to deceive you with with lies. Lies about your father, lies about what you should do, and lies about who you really are.

Satan knew how powerful the woman was, which is why he attacked her first. It wasn’t because women are weak. It’s because they are strong.  You have an enemy out there that is scared to death of you. He knows that if you really realize who you are and what you’re capable of it’s really bad news for him. Why else do you think women have been silenced, oppressed, and discarded for centuries and are still being sold into slavery today?

There’s a battle going on. He hates you more than he hates man and he knows that killing the man is easy once you take the woman out of the picture. Read all of Genesis 3 but take a close look at Genesis 3:15:

“And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head and you will strike his heel.”

So there you have it. Battle lines drawn in the sand.

Satan attacks those that pose a threat and this isn’t child’s play. So if you’re being attacked know that something big must be coming. Take is seriously and choose to FIGHT! DO NOT BE AFRAID. DECLARE WAR on lies, insecurity, self -doubt, fear, people pleasing, control, jealously, strife, and self –hate. CHOOSE to fight like the champion warrior princess that you are. Empower other women instead of judging and cutting them down and stop comparing yourself to them.


You be you. Cut the head off of fear.


With that being said, I think it’s important to note that warrior princesses train. They invest in themselves and don’t go to battle unprepared or hacking at the wind. Take on this battle as you train your body, soul, and mind. Every training session is exactly that. It’s preparing you for the real battle out there. Your enemy wants you to quit. He wants you to stay in bondage. He wants you to defeat yourself by believing his lies. When you train this week, train as one preparing for battle. Because you are.


You were born to win. Jesus did this for you freely.


Battles make us who we are. They refine us, teach us, and test our spirit and strength. Most of all, they build our faith. Stayed tuned for part II of this message where I will outline a daily battle plan that’s helped me fight and win the war.

I can’t wait to see you transform. The earth will shake.


Battling For You,

Lindsey Nadler