Becoming A Badass Bible Woman

Becoming a badass bible woman   Photo by  Lucas Sankey

Photo by Lucas Sankey

I dream of a day when women will look at the Bible and see the strength modeled for them. I want women to know that Jesus loves them and empowers them. I want them to know they are not subservient, weak, or a problem. That there is a freedom in Christ such as the world has never known and that HE has a history of empowering his girls like no other.  Here are just a few examples...

Esther was called to royalty and endured being the play toy of a playboy to save her people from genocide. Deborah to government. Her ability to judge, lead and war saved Israel.. Abigail to homemaking (oh and royalty in her SECOND marriage by the way 🙊) her intervention saved a household and David’s reputation. Ruth to care-taking and harvesting fields. Her humility, loyalty and work ethic perpetuated and redeemed her family line. Hannah to motherhood and intercession. Her dedication birthed one of the most influential prophets of the Old Testament. Lydia was called to business and hospitality. Not only was the first European convert a woman but her wealth and home birthed a major part of the early church there. Junia to apostleship. Not just an apostle but OUTSTANDING among them in.

Oh and let’s not forget my girl Jael who was an assassin. A straight up assassin. Her bravery and cunningness saved Israel from an evil invading King. Mary an unwed virgin child called to birth the Messiah. Enough said. 
These are just a FEW of the badass and brave women found in the Bible I’m reading. Often times I️ wonder if I’m reading the same one everyone else is because it’s seems that this aspect of womanhood is starkly misrepresented.

Women are called to be strong, powerful, loving, humble and brave. What if the state of our heart determines the state of our home, instead of whether or not we choose to work or have a life/calling outside of I️t?

What if the message we send our daughters is more in line with the wild adventure and calling God has for them then wether or not their life is complete through marriage and childbirth? I’m for both by the way, just not the belief that you are complete and holy only as you are hitched and fertile.

What if the goal we teach is all about becoming a brave woman of valor, ready for the calling and wild ride God will lead her on, instead of a pretty, nice girl that always has her quiet time every morning? 

There is more. So much more. Jesus models it and he shows us over and over again the power of our feminine heart and his spirit that makes it beat. 

Badass Bible Women. May we be them. May we empower them. May we raise them. 

Passion Is Everything,

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