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In today's video I'm sharing 3 Simple Easy Everyday Confidence Building Tips.

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Today what I want to share with you 3 simple and easy everyday confidence building tips.

I think sometimes as women we think that inner work or growing deeper with God, or any kind of spiritual personal growth has got to be deep and intense, and it has to take tons of time. We want to make sure we get everything just right, where all the planets align perfectly, and there is no distraction before we press in.

I want to encourage you that this is not the case.

You can grow in a very simple way. You can do things that are simple, accessible, and sustainable.

That is one of the things I love to do, to teach women how to grow, how to find themselves, and how to maintain who they are by just incorporating the simple, accessible, and sustainable spiritual rhythms in their lives.

So here are 3 simple and easy confidence building tips to incorporate and build a HABIT with in your lives:

Confidence Building Tip #1 Give into agreement.

As women of God, we have to decide every day when we wake up not to be lead based on how we are feeling. Although our feelings are important, they are not facts. We have to choose every day to live based on what we are believing to be true today. "What do I believe that God says about me?" "What do I believe is the truth of who I am?"

The first thing is to get into agreement with what God says about you.

We have a mental knowledge of the truth, but not a heart knowledge. We don't have an intimate experience of knowing that we know deep in our bones, that who God says we are is enough, and that is the place we live from.  

I encourage you to go figure out what God says about you. Go to the word & get with him and ask him what he calls you.

Here’s the deal. He says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, he says you are seated with Christ, he says you are a masterpiece, and he says that you are good.

There are so many things that God says you are...

You are LOVED!

Every day when you wake up you have got to get into agreement with your heart.

Here is what happens. So many times we hear these things and we know about these things, but our thoughts in our head and the beliefs in our heart are not in agreement. We have to make sure these things are in alignment.

Alignment is huge for your life. When you begin to learn what it means to align your thoughts and mind, you can get those working together.

We know we move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. We know God tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, to take every thought captive, and guard our hearts because from it flows life.

We have got to practice due diligence with what we are thinking and to what we are actually believing. We can say and think a lot of things, but if we don't believe it in our hearts we are just treading water.

I want you to think about your body, soul, and spirit, and about getting your thoughts, your words, and the belief system of your heart in alignment.

Wake up and begin to agree with what God says about you in your heart.

Don’t ask yourself, “How am I feeling today?”

Ask yourself instead, “What am I believing to be true today?”

Ask God to show you, because he is faithful to tell you.

Confidence Building Tip #2 I want you to begin to affirm what God says about you.

I want you to develop your own personal confidence mantra, your own 3-word phrase or prayer, whatever it is.

We are going to speak with our mouth because we know life and death are in the power of the tongue.

I want you to begin affirming whatever it is you are believing. That you are fearfully and wonderfully made, that you are seated at the right hand of Christ and that you are a masterpiece. You are strong, you are fearless, you are bold, you are brave, and you are confident.

Here is the deal. Wake up everyday & get into agreement and say “I am believing today that I am a confident woman.”

“Why am I a confident woman?" "Because Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit live inside me.”

That is all the confidence you are ever going to need.

Get into an agreement and then affirm it. Speak it out loud with your mouth.

You just say: “I rest in the confidence of God." "I am a confident woman in Jesus name." "Thank you, God, you made me live with confidence.”

Confidence Building Tip #3 Take action.

There are certain things in your life, certain callings God has for you in certain areas, certain passions that we all have in our lives that we experience doubt or hesitation over.

Maybe it’s parenting, speaking at work, saying no, or maybe standing up for yourself. Maybe you need to take the lead but you don't have all the details. Maybe you need a push.

I don't know what it is for you, but my advice is this:

Take action. The action is the only thing that is going to build your confidence. When in doubt, act.

Even if it is a small step. Even baby steps count. It’s about progress, not perfection.

You have got to learn to fall in love with the process that God has for your life, so you can begin to take action even if it is a small step because every little bit counts.

The more you move and the more you take a step, the more you are going to see your confidence in whatever the issue is, start to grow.

Here is something I love and have been saying a lot recently:

Done is better than perfect. A messy action is better than inaction.

The worst thing is to remain stuck, stagnant, and not growing. Living in this place of self-doubt, overthinking, people pleasing, and ruminating over all of your failures.

Don't waste any of your precious time in life in those places. Move forward.

These take 3 minutes every day.

We have a choice, and when we begin to take action then God will redirect us. If you are not on the right path, he will show you where you need to go.

People always ask me, “But what about, Be still and know I am God?”

Being still doesn't mean to stop, it means to surrender and to let go. To cease from striving which is an internal state. It doesn't mean to stay stuck and wait for God to tell you every little thing to do, it means to surrender to your need to control and have everything figured out with all the details.

Whatever you are holding onto, LET GO.

When you let go and know it is in God’s hands, your going to be able to walk with all of the confidence that you need.

I just want you to in a simple way, incorporate these things into your life. Before you know it, it will become an unconscious habit, you will have more confidence, and feel bolder.

You are enough.

We are constantly doubting based on this notion of good enough.

Well friend, I just wanted you to know you are a child of God and when that place is your identity, you are good enough.

It is a process, and we are always on a growth journey. We are always on this journey to becoming the best women each and every day that we are called to be.

I think we can live from this place of, “I'm a child of God,” period. When that is first and we can rest knowing that is enough, then nothing that we do, say, or how well we are performing matters. We have to let go of that so that we can have the confidence that we want.

TAKE action in the direction of your passion.


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