Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty For Putting Yourself First

Let go fo self care guilt: Putting Yourself First-Why you shouldn't feel guilty lindseynadler.com/blog

I believe God created each of us on purpose, for a purpose. We aren’t called to live a life of striving, chaos or monotony.  In fact, I believe each of us has a responsibility as the beautiful creatures we are, to live a life that’s full of passion, wonder and possibility. 

Empowering women to do that is kind of my jam. So last week I did a FB live video on soul care and taking care of yourself in seasons of craziness and chaos. In it, I talked about 6 “S-Words” to help us and what each of them mean. Life is life and if we don’t make self-care a top priority we put ourselves at risk for burn out and bail out.

 Now, the biggest response I get from women over this issue is a massive wave of guilt. Friend if this is you, please know that guilt is not from God! Shake that crap off of you and go buy the shoes, workout, read a book, etc. Whatever your soul needs to stay centered, DO IT. Here are a couple reasons why:

1.     God tells you to. Love your neighbor as you LOVE YOURSELF.

2.     You take you with you wherever you go.

3.     You talk to you more than anyone else.

4.     You are your greatest investment.

5.     Your family isn’t going to die if you workout, take an hour bubble bath, don’t cook, or do something for yourself.

6.     You teach your children how to take care of themselves by modeling it. They need to know the world doesn’t revolve around them. Give them a chance to figure stuff out. This will prepare them for adulthood and life in general.

7.     You are more than what people need from you. You’re identity is not in being needed.

8.     We teach people how to treat us based on how we treat ourselves.

9.     Taking care of yourself is not selfish or vain nor does it make you a “bad” mom or wife. It’s your right as a human being.

10.  Serving is best when done from a heart of love, not obligation and duty.

Burn out leads to losing yourself. Losing yourself leads to trying to find yourself again. Enter the mid life crisis and lots of time wasted. That’s not for you friend. Take care of yourself in a way that will allow you to take care of the people and things you love with love.