A Few Of My Favorite Things: Fall Roundup!

Hey friend, I hope this fall has got you swimming in a sea of pumpkin spice, cider, floppy hats and books. September through December is my absolute favorite time of year so I thought I'd take a minute to share some of my absolute favorite things right now.  

Now listen, I'm no Oprah nor do I claim to be a beauty blogger, I just love to share good stuff with good people. Maybe even give you some ideas for Christmas or just make your life better.  So here's a little round up of what I'm loving and using in my life right now. As women I think we've got to stick together, champion each other and share what's working and not working in our lives. Below you'll find a few of my favorite things in beauty, wellness, fashion, home, spiritual and personal development.  Click any link or image to purchase. Enjoy! 

Beauty & Wellness Faves

I am straight up obsessed with Beauty Counter skincare & makeup. It's safer, super chic and SIMPLE. Many of the products double up and can be used as multiple things so you can really streamline your routine. This 5-minute face tutorial and flawless in five bundle has been a game changer for me and saved me so much time! It's perfect for days when I want some makeup on but don't want to go full on with it. Like I can still wear yoga pants all day and not look like a homeless person. It's been so great that even the hubby has noticed:) I signed up for the Band of Beauty membership with my consultant because who doesn't love discounts? It's a no brainer. Plus their Holiday Collection is to die for!! 

So not only is what I put on my body (skincare and makeup) healthy, so is what I put IN my body. I use only the best vitamins and supplements and do my best to listen to my body while eating an 80/20 clean diet. I'm active and on the go and I HATE spending tons of time in the kitchen. It's just not my thing.  Empty boxes of these two Advocare products seem to regularly accumulate in my Jeep right now. They are perfect for fall and are so good you think you're getting a dessert. Not too sweet and pretty perfect. Vanilla Ready to drink protein and gingerbread bars are life right now and keep me from hangry public meltdowns. :)

Fashion & Home Faves

I'm wearing Kee-Kee tees everywhere right now. They are so soft and inspire me and others whether I'm at yoga, running errands or leading worship. These are great gifts for the Passionistas in your life!  

I'm carrying LiveFashionable bags. I have three of them and they only get better with time. They just launched shoes and clothing as well! I love it all but the best part about this brand is that it employs women in poverty and are constantly creating new jobs for women! High quality with a great heart. 


Rewined candles in spiked cider are perfect for a fall scent without being obnoxious and this Vitruvi diffuser is beautiful option is you're into essential oils like me. It's the only high quality non cheesy looking diffuser I've found. 

Spiritual & Personal Development

Last but certainly not least of this round up is whats on my radar spiritually right now. Spiritually I can't get enough of the Passion Translation Bible. They are working on an entire translation but most come individually which I love as well. The Psalms and Proverbs book would be a great starting point for anyone and is what I'm in the most. 

I also just bought Lizzy The Lioness, by Lisa Bevere for my niece. This is a message every young girl needs to hear repeatedly! Lisa is one of my favorite authors and any book you read of hers will set you on fire. This is her first children's book and it's stellar! I'll be buying this for Christmas or birthday presents for every child in my life this year. 

And if you read nothing else this fall be sure to get a dose from the queen of personal development herself, Brene Brown. Her new book, Braving The Wilderness, just came out and I love it but I just can't seem to get away from my favorite of hers, The Gifts of Imperfection. Both are below. 


I hope you enjoyed this Fall roundup! Let me know what you're using and what you're loving.